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Forum Thread: HOW to TRAVEL by YOUR DOG by PLANE

Large airlines allow dogs to travel both in the cabin of the aircraft and in their holds, depending on the weight of the animal. Normally the maximum weight allowed for the cabin is between 6 and 10 kilos (including the carrier) according to the company. On the contrary, some low-cost companies do not allow animals on their planes with the exception of guide dogs that can always travel in the cabin with their owner. Although it is advisable to consult it, in case your flight policy has changed.

Forum Thread: How to Travel to Tibet?

Traveling to Tibet is not as hard as many people think but travel to Tibet independently is not allowed. So you just need a reliable local Tibetan travel agency to your Tibet travel guide and prearrange your Tibet tour to obtain a Tibet travel permit. We Tibet Focus Travel & Tours are at your full services offering free Tibet travel permits and Tibet travel guide regarding Tibet tour.

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